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Mukona was appointed to provide geotechnical engineering expertise for the proposed construction of a Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Plant at South Deep Mine, Gauteng Province

Client: Enel Green Power

Key Collaborations: Roadlab Geofocus JK Drilling TRM Piling

A preliminary geotechnical investigation was carried out to assess the soil and rock profile below a 90 hectares site and obtain engineering parameters for the design of foundations for the solar PV plant.

Key Facts: Gravity survey, lateral, compressive and tensile pile testing

The investigation comprised the excavation of tests pits and recovery of soil samples; gravity and electrical resistivity survey; installation and execution of vertical pull-out and horizontal pile tests, dynamic probe super heavy (DPSH) tests and percssion boreholes for monitoring of groundwater levels.

Key Services Provided: Geotechnical Engineering

Tube piles were driven into weathered rock in order to obtain the ultimate load capacities of the piles.