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Mukona successfully completed geotechncial investigations and a Dolomite Stability Investigation (DSI) for the proposed construction of Pickitup Garden Sites located in various regions of Gauteng.

Client: TM Africa Engineering Services

Key Collaborations: J.K Drilling

Mukona carried out geotechnical investigations on ten (10) sites located in various regions of Gauteng. One of the sites was underlain by dolomite which required gravity survey, percussion drilling and a dolomite stability investigation to be conducted.

Key Facts: Gravity Survey & Percussion Drilling

Rotary percussion boreholes were advanced from ground level using a rotary Thor percussion drilling rig to confirm depth to dolomite bedrock. The DSI was done according to “SANS 1936:2012 Guideline for Development on Dolomitic Land”.

Key Services Provided: Geotechnical investigations and Dolomite Stability Investigation