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Mukona successfully completed investigation for the proposed stormwater drainage system in Galeshewe, Kimberley, Northern Cape Province

Client: AGANANG Consulting Engineers

Key Collaborations: Road lab Laboratory & Coastal Hire

Mukona carried out geotechnical investigations, which entails the excavation of trial pits using a TLB to a maximum depth of 3m or refusal of the machine.

Key Facts: Geotechnical Investigation, in-situ testing and Laboratory testing

Each test pit deemed safe to enter was internally profiled according to the method proposed by Jennings, Brink and Williams, sampled as necessary and then loosely backfilled.

Key Services Provided: Geotechnical Engineering

In addition to the test pits excavated, ) Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) tests were advanced along the route of the proposed stormwater drainage system to determine the consistency (in-situ density) of the overlying fill, transported and residual soils as profiled in the test pits.